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iOS 12

Whether you’re using your iPhone or iPad, iOS has been enhanced for a faster and more responsive experience all round. Things you do all the time, like launching Camera and typing with the keyboard, happen faster than ever. And there are even more significant improvements when you’re doing a lot on your device at once. These enhancements improve performance on all supported devices, going all the way back to iPhone 5s and iPad Air.


FaceTime now supports video and audio with up to 32 people at once. The tile of the person speaking gets larger automatically, so you’ll never lose track of the conversation.

You can start Group FaceTime straight from a group thread in Messages or join an active one at any time.


Send texts, photos, videos, and audio messages — all from the Messages app.


Add even more personality to your messages with photos, camera effects, full-screen animations, and more.


iCloud now keeps your entire message history updated and available on all your devices, even when you set up a brand-new device. 


Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right, which is why iOS has always been designed with built-in encryption, on-device intelligence and other tools that let you share what you want on your terms. And with iOS 12, privacy goes even further. Safari now prevents Share buttons and comment widgets on web pages from tracking you without your permission. Safari also prevents advertisers from collecting your device’s unique characteristics, so they can’t identify your device or re-target ads to you across the web.

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