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Downtime through hardware failure is the one thing no business can predict.
However, you can minimise the chances of it happening in the first place and ensure that your business receives fast, effective disaster recovery by choosing Managed Services
at The IT Place.

Our Managed Services generally consists of the following:

  • Reduced downtime through remote maintenance or onsite presence where required. Out of hours services available where required.

  • Call outs with a maximum of 20km distance.

  • Hardware repairs where required at cost and temporary solutions provided where possible

  • to keep your business active. Hardware issues cover PC's only.

  • All software issues are covered.

  • Health checks performed every 3-6 months as required at 50% of our normal rate plus out of hour checks where required.

  • Premium fast track service – A dedicated technician will deal with your issue.

Interested in our Managed Services and want to minimise downtime in your business?

We are happy to help shape your business. 
Get in touch now.

Contact us on +34 966844788

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