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Your iPad is in safe hands.

The iPad has become such a great tool. We know you use it to keep in touch with loved ones via FaceTime, or to browse the web.
Thats why we repair your iPad and have it back to you the very same day.


To book a repair with us please contact us or visit us in store.

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Your iPad is a device for everything you do, from emails to creativity. That's why our experts are ready to repair your iPad the minute you book an appointment. 


Put your trust in us and reduce downtime with our quick repair time and professional service.



*Newer iPad models may require us to order             parts for next day availability.


Our technicians have the utmost knowledge when it comes to iPad repairs. Before the repair, our technicians perform a device test through an on-system app to decipher what is and isn't working before the repair takes place. That way, we're able to target what exactly needs to take place in the repair. The same test is carried out again after to ensure your iPad is as good as new.

We treat each and every iPad as though it's our own. Thats why we can guarantee the best repair service.

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Your data is private. We keep it that way. It's totally secure and won't be touched during the repair process. 

Your data will remain safe and will be there the second your iPad is in your hands again. 

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We're confident in our repair process and in our replacement parts, but sometimes parts can malfunction. That's why we're happy to provide the best aftercare should a problem arise.

Warranty replacements are issued on parts such as screens and batteries that may malfunction in a short time space.

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